5 Reasons Why Curating Other People’s Content Makes You Shine in Your Industry

5 Reasons Why Curating Other People’s Content Makes You Shine in Your Industry

Content is king, right? Or dare I say, queen! So why should we be curating the content put out by other people? In this post, we will dive into this topic.

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And what is curated content anyway?

In case you aren’t sure what curated content is, it’s basically content that has been created by someone else or another business. Curating it means to share it with your audience. You want to be curating content that is relevant to your audience and when doing so, you want to share your own thoughts about it. Put your own spin on it!

So HOW exactly does doing this make you shine in your industry?

Here are the 5 top reasons:

  1.  According to social media best practices, you should be posting using the rule of 3rds. The Rule of 3rds says that you should post 1/3 planned content, 1/3 spontaneous content, and (you guessed it) 1/3 curated content. As an added bonus – this reduces the burden on you to always be creating new content!
  2. Sharing other people’s content demonstrates to your audience that you know your industry well, including who your competition is. Remember that piece above about putting your own spin on it? That is your opportunity to show how you are a thought leader in your industry.
  3. You will also shine for your audience by showing that you are confident enough in your own brand to share a peer’s or influencer’s content.
  4. By curating someone else’s content & tagging them in your share (using an @mention), you will show your collaborative nature to others in your field. This could lead to actual collaboration opportunities over time.
  5. Another result of tagging the business in your shared post is that you can double your exposure by potentially connecting with another brand’s audience or online community.

Over to you… go forth & curate with interesting thoughts to share!

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