Do you ever wonder what the ideal formula is to be successful on social media? How do some businesses do extremely well, while others struggle to achieve results with their social media efforts?


As businesses, our #1 goal is to make money. We need to generate leads in order to increase the number of customers/clients that we have so that our businesses can grow. And many people seem to think that the important aspects to be concerned with in order to be successful on social media & to grow their businesses are:

  • how many times to post
  • when to post/what time is best
  • which platform (s) to use
  • how many followers they have

But I’m here to tell you that those things alone are not enough.


Businesses that achieve success on social media are usually doing 3 things really well. Enter the 3 ingredient formula to social media success!


1 part = your ideal client
1 part = your mission/your special sauce/your differentiating factor
1 part = knowledge of how to use the tools effectively (i.e. the various platforms, ideal strategy for each, and their functionality

Social Media Success

In this blog post we will focus on part 1 – your ideal client.


It is essential for all businesses to be very clear on who their ideal client is. If you think you can cater to everyone, you’ll be trying to speak to everyone. And when you are speaking to everyone, in the end you are speaking to no one in particular… from a marketing perspective. By being clear on your ideal client & targeting your messaging to THAT kind of person, you can speak directly to them. This results in them being magnetized or pulled in by you. The key is to connect with people on a personal level and not to just talk about your products or services when you are posting online.


Check out the social media challenge video on my Facebook page to explore this topic for your own business. In this challenge I am suggesting that you ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. Why are they your ideal client?
  3. Where do they hang out – both in person & online?



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