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As a Nurturepreneur, I know first hand what goes into building a business. There can be a great deal of overwhelm involved around finding clients/customers and marketing ourselves. Furthermore, as small businesses, we have limited resources to learn about or get help with our marketing efforts.

I am passionate about helping to empower you, as a Nurturepreneur, to market yourself in ways that are aligned with your purpose of helping others. Working with me, I’ll offer you a customized approach to your marketing so that you will:


  • Increase your brand awareness & loyalty
  • Build the know, like & trust factor
  • Increase your social engagement, leads & find you more customers
  • Ditch your feelings of overwhelm around the steps to take to be effective & efficient in your marketing efforts

How It Works

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I offer my services by way of 1-hour strategy sessions via Zoom. If you are local, there may be the opportunity to meet face to face some of the time. During our initial strategy session, we will do a deep dive to understand where you are right now and where you want to be. From there, I will make recommendations that are simple and easy to implement right away. If you feel called to do more than one session together, we will schedule additional sessions. This is a very customizable approach to working together and it can flow in whatever way best meets your needs and your budget.

After each session, I will send you notes of from our discussion which will include links to further information or resources as I determine will be beneficial to help you to meet your goals.

Topics that we might cover together could include:

  • Social media strategy
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Overall marketing fundamentals  & strategy


Are you ready to gain clarity & ditch the feelings of overwhelm related to your marketing? Great! Email me here to get the ball rolling & we’ll connect to see if we are a great fit to work together!

Let's Connect!

I’ve gained clarity & confidence and know what I’ve learned from Ileana will continue to be helpful for years. She’s given me the strong foundation I needed and the tools I’ve learned are things I can see me returning to in future years. I’m delighted I’m going to able to help more of the Moms I’m most meant to!

I’m a very happy client who wants to continue working with her. If you have the opportunity to work with Ileana too I highly recommend you do!

Rachel Clee

Reiki Practitioner , Nurtured Empowerment

Let’s plant the seeds for your success!