Scheduling a Call

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By scheduling a call with me, you will be offered a 60-minute session for us to get know each other a little. We will have the opportunity to chat and to see if I am a good fit for your family. Hiring a postpartum doula means inviting someone into your personal space at a very intimate and sometimes vulnerable time in your life. I want to give you the opportunity to ensure that I am the right person to ease your transition into living with your new little one!

Hop on down to the bottom of this page to see a list of questions you can ask postpartum doulas during your interviews with them.

 * These calls may not take the full hour, but I like to reserve a full hour for you in case we need the time. *

Or You Can Email Me

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Interview Questions

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Choosing to hire a postpartum doula means inviting someone, who is likely previously unknown to you, into your home to share in an intimate experience. For this reason, I feel that the #1 attribute you should consider is that you have a good connection with this person.

Here are some questions that you can ask during an interview with prospective postpartum doulas that I feel will help you determine a great fit. These are intended to provide you with inspiration & as a starting point. I encourage you to tweak them and/or add any questions that will help you to really discover the perfect person to support your family!


  1. What do you love about providing postpartum support to families?
  2. What is your philosophy about parenting, infant feeding, and supporting families as they welcome a baby into their lives?
  3. From your perspective, what is your role as a postpartum doula?
  4. Can you describe the kind of support that we can expect from your services?
  5. How do you support the various members of the family?
  6. What experience do you have that makes you a great postpartum doula?
  7. Do you offer support between visits in any way?
  8. Can you provide us with testimonials and character references?


Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Did you feel really listened to during the interview?
  2. Did you get a sense of comfort while talking with her?
  3. How compassionate did she seem?
  4. Did she have any questions for you?
  5. Did you feel she could meet your needs in the way you’d like them met?
  6. Did she seem like a good communicator?
  7. How knowledgeable did she seem?
  8. Did her philosophies resonate with you?

And maybe most importantly…

Did you click with her?