Oh, the agony of coming up with content… again and again and again!


What if I told you that you could get up to a month’s worth of content out of just ONE, high-quality blog post? I know the title says “how to create at least 7 pieces of content…”, not a month’s worth, but stick with me. You won’t regret it!

If you are already blogging, you are probably thinking “Yes, please!! How can I do this??”. If you don’t already blog, I highly suggest that you hop on for the ride none the less. The info I’m about to share with you might just have you considering a blog after all. And if you’ve been contemplating a blog but haven’t yet made the decision, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this to be interesting food for thought.


Before I jump right into the nitty, gritty details, let’s take a moment to highlight 3 key benefits of implementing what I’m about to share with you.


  1. Amplifying your content effectively will greatly reduce the overwhelming feat of having to create NEW content all. of. the. time. The ideas I’m going to share here will also provide you the ability to easily repurpose content. So, if you already have past blog posts that contain some great value, you can use these tips to bring that value back to your audience. In addition, you can use this strategy to repurpose current & future content for months and years to come.
  2. Implementing this strategy allows you several opportunities to reach your audience. This is for a few reasons:
    • The first time that you post a blog on a social platform, certain members of your audience may see it, but may not have time to read it right on the spot. They may even save the link to read later, but let’s face it… how many times do you actually go back to read content from your saved links?
    • Another scenario is that however you position the content that you are sharing (i.e. editorial commentary paired with the link you are sharing), may not capture the attention of certain members of your audience. So by presenting it to them in a variety of ways, you may catch their attention with a subsequent share. This should become more clear as I layout the strategy/ideas below.
    • The last point I wanted to make here is that your content may not land in the news feed of certain members of your audience the first time you share it. By sharing your blog post numerous times, while highlighting the content in different ways, you increase the chance that your audience will see it at some point.
  3. Putting these ideas into play will boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Why, might you ask? That is because each post that you make is indexed individually by Google. Over time, this builds quite the web of links for your biz.


This all sounds great so far, right? But how in the world can one actually create AT LEAST 7 pieces of content from a SINGLE blog post? Let alone up to a month’s worth of content!


Let me break it down for you. Here is a list of 7 different ways that you can amplify/share the content of a blog post. Next to each idea, I’ll write in brackets how many times you can likely implement each for a single blog post. That is where you can turn out more than 7 pieces from the single post. In each of these cases, you will share the link to the original blog post.


Post a direct link to your blog post with an editorial comment. This is the most tradition/commonly used way to share a blog post on social media. But here’s the thing… you could actually do this up to 5x by changing out the editorial commentary and sharing up to 5 different angles on a blog post. (up to 5x)


Pull quotes from your post & create quote graphics to share on social. This can be done easily with a tool like Canva. (up to 3X)


Ask a question related to the blog post. You can create a graphic in Canva with the question in it or you can link back to the original blog post which will show the featured image of the blog. (up to 3x)


Take a screenshot of an interesting comment, with your response, from your website when someone comments on your blog. (1x)


Audio snippets.

You can record yourself reading a paragraph or answering a common question related to the content of the blog post. Because there are several paragraphs in a given blog post, you can likely easily derive 3 audio snippets. (up to 3x)


Video snippets

In the same way as for audio snippets, you can record yourself reading a paragraph or answering a common question related to the content of the blog post on video. (up to 3x)


You can generate a PDF of the blog post & offer it as a free download at the bottom of your blog post. You might be surprised to know that many people like to download the content of a blog post in this way. Although this one is less directly related to creating content for social media, it’s still valid. It may result in followers sharing your content on social media. (1x)


If you add up all of the numbers in the brackets, you’ll see that you could effectively derive 19 pieces of content (perhaps even more) from just one, value packed blog post. That, right there, is how you have the potential to generate up to a month’s worth of sharable content from one blog post. I’d love to hear in the comments how this leaves you feeling about blogging!


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