It’s time to say goodbye to the crickets and start enjoying the engagement that IS possible with your audience on Facebook!

Maybe you’ve been putting a ton of effort into posting on Facebook, but you just keep hearing crickets – with little to no engagement.


You’re ready to feel as though your efforts on Facebook are worth your while.


You’d love to have some genuine engagement happening with your audience & to be connecting with them on a deeper level.


You are a nurturer by nature & nurturing a community of your prospective soul clients sounds very appealing.


You’ve heard that Facebook groups are where all the engagement is happening these days, but you’re overwhelmed at the idea of HOW to be an effective group host.


You wonder; is hosting a Facebook group a hugely time-consuming activity?


The answer is: It doesn’t have to be with the right strategy!

How would it feel to learn how to host a profound and profitable Facebook group?


 To nurture community filled with your prospective soul clients who would LOVE that you’ve created this space for them…


A tribe of members who grow to know, like & trust you… who are warm leads who really NEED or WANT what you have to offer!

Let me empower you with the knowledge & an easy to follow system so that you can be an effective Facebook group host and…


  • Have a bigger impact by connecting more deeply with your audience
  • Have a bigger impact by growing a larger audience
  • Lose the overwhelm around “how” to be effective on Facebook
  • Save you so much time & energy trying to figure it out on your own
  • Increase your earning potential by having an effective method to promote your business soulfully

5 Weeks

July 23 – August 24

This is a GREAT time to register for this program because it’s my beta round which means it’s priced at beta testing pricing!

Limited to 10 women nuturepreneurs


  • 5 easy to follow training modules to walk you through the process of starting your group to promoting within it
  • A toolkit of swipe files (sample posts, email & slide deck templates and more) = super easy implementation
  • 24/7 access to the Facebook group (aka your new tribe)
  • 5 live group coaching calls with me
  • A 1:1 strategy session offered in the last week of the program (or within 1 month of the end date of the program)

This is for you if…

  • You’re a nurturer by nature & you’re ready to nurture a community filled with prospective soul clients
  • You’re tired of putting out a whole whack of time & energy for your social media efforts and experiencing little to now return for your time investment (aka – hearing crickets)
  • You’re ready to Go from feeling drained about social media to feeling energized by it
  • Better yet, actually generating greater income from all of your efforts putting free content out there
  • You truly want to make an impact in this world by sharing your special gifts with your soul clients!

Here’s how it all works…

  • We get started on Monday, July 23
  • Every Monday, I will upload that week’s module into the Facebook group
  • You can work through the content at your own pace & you’ll have lifetime access to the material
  • Every Friday I’ll host group coaching call
  • You’ll be sent the link to join the private Facebook group on Friday, July 20 – that will give everyone lots of time to introduce themselves before we dive in on Monday
  • You’ll be invited to schedule your 1:1 strategy session with me sometime in the last week or within 3 months of the end date of the program

Working with Ileana of WomanWyse Soulful Marketing in her 3-month programme has been an amazing business – and life-changing experience. Truly!

I enjoyed the programme, learned more than I dreamed I would and plan to continue working with Ileana in future … I think that says it most of all really doesn’t it! I’m a very happy client who wants to continue working with her. If you have the opportunity to work with Ileana too I highly recommend you do!

Rachel Clee

Reiki Practitioner, Nurturing Empowerment

Working with Ileana reduced the feelings of overwhelm I experienced when it came to marketing myself on social media. She shared (and continues to share) such great insight in a way that is easy to digest and implement. Her nurturing and approachable manner leaves me feeling well taken care of. She continues to encourage and support me as I find my way in this crazy social media world. I know that with her guidance, I will be able to reach more people who want to live healthier lifestyles.

Donna Doyon

Podcast host, writer, and adventurer, Donna Doyon

Thank you for your interest in this program!


Although it’s not currently running, I’d be thrilled to keep you in the loop & to let you know when registration opens again.


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