Postpartum Planning for Couples

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An opportunity for you & your partner to come together lovingly, before you welcome your baby into your family, to create a plan that will help you to experience an easeful postpartum period.
You’ve probably planned for your birth, but how much have you really planned for life with baby?


In reality, most of us don’t do a whole lot of preparation for creating an easeful transition to the arrival of our babies.

We make sure we have all the baby stuff we’ll need.

We make sure we have an idea of what to expect.

We take prenatal classes, which touch on postpartum life.

We may even stock up on freezer meals & take other steps to prepare for the arrival of our baby…

But most of us don’t have deep conversations with our partners to really prepare for life with our new baby; both immediately after the baby is born & for the first several months/years.

This highly interactive & practical workshop will help you to do just that!


The ideal time to participate is during the third trimester of pregnancy, although you are welcome at any time. During our two hours together, we will cover 4 major aspects of postpartum life. You will leave this workshop with a plan to prepare you as a couple & a family for:

1) The Immediate Postpartum Period

This is the time immediately after the baby is born & for the first few weeks as you are introducing your new little one to family & friends.

Goal: To create a plan that ensures you have the time to bond & synch up as a family in the way that best suits you & your circumstances.


2)  A Day in the Life with Your New Baby

Goal: To bring you through an exercise that will help you better understand what to expect with a new baby in your life & how to piece that together with your family’s to-do list, as well as desired activities.


3) Communicating Priorities as a Couple

Goal: To facilitate a conversation about the priorities for you and your family that will help ensure that everyone is feeling sane & happy!


4) Building Your Village

Goal: To get you thinking of ways that you can connect with other human beings on a regular basis while you are parenting your baby. Parenting a baby in isolation can feel SO lonely and can be SO challenging. Let’s equip you with a variety of ways that can help you to avoid this all too common struggle for parents in the postpartum period!

Make it a date night!

This is an opportunity for you & your partner to come together lovingly to create a plan that will help you to experience an easeful postpartum period. We will gather in the cosy studio space located within the Kneaded Touch Women’s Clinic.

There are chairs & exercise balls available so that you can make yourself as comfortable as possible. Because I would love for you to feel like this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your partner (aka date night), I invite you to bring along anything that would help you to feel comfortable.

What to bring (all optional):
  • Although seating is available, if you have something you’d like to bring along to feel more comfortable, please feel free to do so.
  • Beverages (tea, coffee, juice, water) of your choice.
  • A snack you can share together as you find yourself deep in conversation planning for your baby’s arrival.
  • Slippers or indoor shoes.
Join me for this 2-hour interactive & productive workshop to connect more deeply with your partner and prepare for the arrival of your baby!



NOTE: This is a very inclusive workshop. Families/couples of any kind are welcome. Single parents are welcome as well and may come along with a family member or friend as a support person if desired.

~ Note ~

There will be no workshops held in July & August. Stay tuned for Fall dates!

Prefer to participate online from the comfort of your home?


I offer this workshop one on one with couples virtually. If you’d prefer to be walked through this process from the comfort of your home, drop me a line so that we can schedule your workshop today!

Virtual Workshop from Home

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