Hello, my name is Ileana. I am a nurturer by nature and so are you. You have clients that you take exceptionally good care of. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to have someone take equally good care of your online business needs?

I help women entrepreneurs, who offer nurturing services to other women (nurturepreneurs), to find more of their ideal clients and to grow their businesses using social media.

With a passion & background in the birthing community, I’m most excited about offering soulful marketing services to those offering nurturing services to women who are pregnant, during birth, or in the postpartum period. My experience in the field includes teaching prenatal classes and working as a postpartum support person in a local birthing center.

My Mission

My mission is to help you to amplify your unique gifts through your online presence, thereby growing your business & benefiting as many women and families as possible. I do this by providing social media & blog management services.

I aspire to build authentic relationships with my clients and to provide them with exceptional value by:

  • Inquisitive questioning – digging deep and really getting to know how my clients tick
  • Lifting my clients up – identifying their special gifts – helping them to shine
  • Using my innovative nature (I’m literally an ideas factory), I love to collaboratively brainstorm, organize the ideas and bring all of the pieces together cohesively, followed by implementing a plan to help my clients achieve their goals – and beyond.

Let’s build on your genius together!