Your Instagram bio is another important pillar to your Instagram Strategy.


With limited space to capture people’s attention, it’s important to put some thought into how to be strategic about your bio.


You want your profile to represent you/your biz & your goals for the platform. It’s also important that your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account & that it’s set as a business account, otherwise some of these tips won’t be available to you.


Here are the 4 key goals that you want your Instagram bio to achieve in order to be effective:

  1. Tell us what your biz does
  2. Make it obvious how your visitors can find you online
  3. Allow your personality to shine through
  4. Include a call to action prompting your visitors to take some sort of action (s)


So how can you go about accomplishing all this with the limited fields & options you ask?  Here’s how:


Make sure you’re using something relevant to your business such as a logo, photo of you, or product photo. It should also look great when it is scaled down. Your profile photo will be scaled down any time that you engage with others.



These are both searchable in the search field on Instagram. It’s important that you choose these wisely so that people can intuitively find you in the search field.



You have a mere 150 characters for this field. It should be a brief description of your business/service/product (s). It could be your mission, tagline, or elevator pitch, for example. This is also your opportunity to shine a bit & include a call to action.



This is the ONLY place on Instagram where you can insert a clickable link. You can change it to make it relevant to a given post & include a call to action to your post visitors (in the caption of a given post) to check out the link in your bio. Alternatively, you could consider using linktree which allows you to create an account, provides you with a linktree URL (which you’d then use as your website link on Instagram), and allows you to add as many links as you wish to your linktree account. Check out my Instagram bio as an example.



This field allows you to choose a category of business. By using it, you can save precious real estate in your 150 character bio field by not having to say what kind of business you are in your bio.



If you’ve set your Instagram account to be a business account, you will have fields available to you in your profile settings which allow you to create Call To Action buttons for a phone number and/or an email address and/or a physical address.


Check out my social media challenge video on my Facebook page for more information & to understand how all this works a bit better.

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