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That’s what I hope my page feels like when visitors pop by. I want them to feel welcome & I want them to be attracted to what they see. Our Facebook cover photos provide the opportunity for curb appeal. We want them to be visually appealing & professional looking. They can include information, but we don’t want to overwhelm our visitors with too much by having a cluttered photo. What I’ve noticed, though, is that there are a few key things that many businesses are NOT doing that they could be doing to optimize this prime real estate.


I’m here to uncover 3 underused ways you can make your Facebook cover photo into an effective marketing tool!


Before we dive into the 3 actions you can take, let’s touch on what a well thought out cover photo design can do for you/your business. You have the opportunity to use this one little piece of your page to do so much, including:

  • Drive sales or lead generation
  • Advertise upcoming events or product releases
  • Demonstrate features or benefits of your services/products
  • Feature team members/employees
  • Share user-generated content (content that is created by your users), such as a testimonial
  • Or think outside of the box & use your cover photo to do/share something else that is currently relevant to your business


Let’s talk about HOW you can do all that with one photo, shall we?


#1 Facebook Cover Photo Marketing Tactic


The first thing that I urge you to do is to make sure that your cover photo is mobile friendly. The dimensions used to create a Facebook cover photo (or other cover photos for that matter) are based on the desktop view. What that means is that when someone visits your page on mobile, the sides of the photo will be cut off. You can test it by visiting your own page on your phone.This is really important because you want to look professional and if your design contains important elements on the sides, they may be fully or partially cut off, making your page look less professional. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, well, it’s that over 50% of the market share worldwide is viewing content online vs. on desktop (according to statscounter Global Stats http://gs.statcounter.com/platform-market-share/desktop-mobile-tablet).If you are designing your cover photo on Canva, I’ve recorded a tutorial on how to make your design mobile friendly. You can watch it here.


#2 Facebook Cover Photo Marketing Tactic


Did you know that you can add a photo description to your cover photo? This is SUCH an underused tactic which is a real shame! I literally had to scroll through my page feed for almost 5 minutes before I could come across a great example to share with you here. I’m happy to say that I finally did come across a great example. It’s even mobile friendly to boot! In this example, PUSH birth & baby is using their cover photo to promote the upcoming release of a digital product.  Notice how the design includes the words “click here” which will lead the visitor to the photo description. And notice how the photo description provides details about the upcoming launch with clickable links to bring the visitor to their website.Check out the screenshots I took from my phone (to prove it’s mobile friendly):


Mobile friendly cover photo   Cover photo description


And here is the desktop view:


desktop view cover photo

#3 Facebook Cover Photo Marketing Tactic


Lastly, updating your cover photo regularly offers you the opportunity to achieve great organic reach each time. That is because every time you update your cover photo, all page followers receive a notification that you’ve done so. When you include a photo description, they are notified of that as well so they will see all the details (including clickable links if you really optimize the shiz out of it).As you can see, this one little element of your Facebook page has the potential to do quite a bit for you/your business. All this & it’s free and doesn’t take a lot of time to take advantage of. I hope to see more & more people taking advantage of this!


Here’s the social media challenge that I shared related to this post on my Facebook page. I’d love to have you join me weekly for these challenges!



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