April 3 – June 22, 2018










Are you ready to…


Lose the feeling of overwhelm around how to be effective on social media to grow your business;


Say goodbye to the fear of putting yourself out there;


Get in front of your ideal clients/customers & magnetize them to you;


Build your brand awareness & loyalty so that you are generating more leads, better engagement & gaining more clients/customers;


Start or continue to work towards & meet your financial goals?



It’s time for a new way to nurture your online presence.

Let’s work together to get you from a place of feeling overwhelmed to a place of feeling overjoyed!

This program is for you if…


You want to DIY your social media efforts, but feel overwhelmed, intimidated or even stuck;


You understand the value & necessity of social media for business growth, but need some expert guidance & support;


You enjoy being a part of a community & look forward to growing your network;


You are ready to breathe new life into your online presence in 2018!



This process is nothing less than a soul revival for my business. It’s possibly the hardest work I’ve done in years not because of the volume of work but because Ileana has asked me to do nothing less than take a long hard look into the heart of my business and ask myself the biggest and most  important question “Why?”
Rebecca Overall

Creator, Artsy Startsy

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Here’s what’s included in this 3 month program:

  • We’ll kick off  with a deep dive process to get clear on your ideal client & your mission/your differentiating factor
  • We’ll get really clear on your key messaging
  • I’ll guide you through the process of developing your own social media strategy & content plan for the next 6 months
  • You’ll implement & maintain your strategy/plan with my expert guidance
  • There will be a private Facebook group for peer support & additional guidance/support from me
  • 1x week group coaching call where I’ll answer all of your questions live
  • 1x a month 1 on 1, online strategy session so that I can provide you with individual attention and we can work through any areas you are struggling with on a deeper level
  • Along the way, I’ll offer additional tutorials on topics that are specifically needed by your particular group
  • You’ll learn the skills to market yourself on social media for years to come – not just the 3 months you’re in the program!

Why I Made this Program for You

I became a Social Media Strategist because every single client, whose online presence I was supporting, was struggling with              social media.

In my work, I’ve come across so many women entrepreneurs who have AMAZING gifts to share with this world. They are incredible in their zones of genius, but they struggle to gain visibility & find client/customers. They know that social media is crucial, but they feel overwhelmed, intimidated, frustrated & often stuck!

It has become my mission to find new solutions to this problem & to do it in a way that is true to my calling to nurture my              clients. And so, this new group program was born!


Want to chat to see if this is a great fit for you? Schedule Your FREE Strategy Session

Working with Ileana reduced the feelings of overwhelm I experienced when it came to marketing myself on social media. She shared (and continues to share) such great insight in a way that is easy to digest and implement. Her nurturing and approachable manner leaves me feeling well taken care of. She continues to encourage and support me as I find my way in this crazy social media world. I know that with her guidance, I will be able to reach more people who want to live healthier lifestyles.

Donna Doyon

Podcast host, writer, and adventurer, Donna Doyon