Last, but not least, here’s the 3rd part in the 3 ingredient formula for social media success?  If you missed part 1 (your ideal client), you can read it here and part 2 (your mission) can be read here. If you’ve ever wondered how some businesses do extremely well, while others struggle to achieve results with their social media efforts, this 3 part series is here to help!


Let’s quickly recap the 3 ingredient formula to social media success:


1 part = your ideal client
1 part = your mission/your special sauce/your differentiating factor (s)
1 part = knowledge of how to use the tools effectively (i.e. the various platforms, ideal strategy for each, and their functionality)

Social Media Success

To learn more about “the tools” I invite you to check out the social media challenge I shared on my Facebook page to explore this topic for your own business. In this challenge I offered 3 tips to set you up for success in using the tools. They are:

  1. Master one social platform before expanding to another. Do really well in one place rather than spreading yourself thinly across a number of platforms. Note: The most logical platform to start with is Facebook as it’s still the most popular place to be. Furthermore, experiment with posting styles on this platform to see what draws people to you; tying in aspects of what you’ve learned in parts 1 (your ideal client) and 2 (your mission).
  2. Set a routine/content plan and be consistent. Allow your audience to build an knowledge of what they can expect from you. This grows your visibility, builds your credibility & helps your audience to build that know/like/trust factor that’s so important.
  3. Pay attention to which posts do the best & do more of that kind of post.


Ultimately you are aiming to create a 3D social presence that draws people to you & keeps them coming back. You can watch my video here:


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