Does any of this sound like you…


Social media feels overwhelming.

You have no idea where to start when it comes to strategy.

As a result, you just aren’t doing it (or at least not consistently)!

Or maybe you have it down, but you are tired of doing it yourself. 


Would you love to…


Have your online presence nurtured to help generate more leads & build a brand.

Get results* on social media without having to do all the work.

Have more time to live & work in your zone of genius; doing what you love and what you were put on this planet to do!


* When social media is done right, you can expect to have increased visibility leading to more engagement. More engagement will generate more leads, which leads to more clients.


You are a woman nurturepreneur & you are ready to get the help that you deserve with your online presence.

Let’s talk!

Ileana came into my business when I was completely overwhelmed and kinda losing my mind. She took over countless tasks and freed up so much of my time so I could focus on my client work and still have energy left over for my family. She is knowledgeable, professional and has a get-it-done attitude that has brought fresh energy to my marketing. I am so grateful to her and she will be a part of my team for a long time to come.

Parrish Wilson

Writer, Editor & Facilitator, Parrish Wilson

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Ileana worked with me to develop an initial set of concrete and measurable social media objectives that I was able to realize in a reasonable time frame. During that time, she regularly checked in to see how I was progressing and acted as my cheerleader on my social media journey. On occasion, she would even throw me a random and wonderfully effective social media tip or trick that kept me on my toes! My ability to leverage tools like Pinterest and Facebook to reach my target audiences as well as my commitment to a blog editorial calendar are absolutely connected to her advice and encouragement.

Rebecca Overall

Creator, Artsy Startsy

Ileana is thoughtful, detail-oriented and totally committed to helping her clients get more time back! I hired Ileana to help me with complex automations in my newsletter provider in preparation for a launch. Initially, I was a little scared to hand something off that was so complicated, but with very little training, Ileana took on the task with the kind of support that instantly made me sigh a breath of relief. She’s organized, a great communicator, and puts a lot of care into her work by asking thoughtful, important questions. With her help, we had my entire automation loaded in record time, and with a lot less stress on my part! I would highly recommend Ileana for the busy entrepreneur who needs solid and nurturing support, so they can get back to working on their business, instead of in it.

Emmy Wu

Chief Storyteller & Editor, Emmy Wu Media

I hate research! Initially, I hired Ileana to assist me with social media research. She was able to provide me information on where my target market hangs out in an easily digestible format. She not only told me where but when they are most likely to be active. She then moved on to other online promotion related work identifying helpful resources I didn’t even know existed! Ileana has saved me countless hours of procrastination by doing this online research for me. Instead, because I wasn’t avoiding doing the unpleasant tasks, I have been able to focus on the more productive and profit-generating aspects of my business.

The value she has provided in a short period of time leaves me feeling amazed & wowed at what she has accomplished for me. Others need to receive the benefits of Ileana’s services!

Donna Doyon

Podcast host, writer, and adventurer, Donna Doyon

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